nastinamama (nastinamama) wrote,

links to free literature sites

1) Lit2Go - a fantastic project by the University of Southern Florida with a free online collection of novels, stories and poems which you can listen to and read online or download and print.

2) Booktrust - more than 40 free short stories from award-winning contemporary authors.

3) Classic Reader - thousands of free books by authors such as Dickens, Austen, Shakespeare and many more.

4) Short Stories - this is an interesting site which mixes classic authors with unpublished writers and even has teaching resources and interactive stories!

5) Project Gutenberg Australia - Lots of modern classics from Fitzgerald, Orwell, Woolf and more

6) Library of American Short Stories - a great mix of classic and modern short stories

7) And of course, let's not forget our own fantastic Stories & Poems sections on LearnEnglish and Learn English Teens!

8 ) ...and our Read at Your Level section on LearnEnglish Teens.
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